Creating Community Connections

A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same family. It’s about feeling connected and responsible for what happens. We have been fortunate to partner with several community stakeholders to improve the lives of the clients we support.

“Sporting San Diego takes pride in our commitment to our community. We have enjoyed our partnership with Step into Success and look forward to supporting them and their future endeavors. Their mission is something to admire and we are always happy to help.”

Joaquin Huertero, Director of Coaching Sporting San Diego

Sporting San Diego helping a family moving into their new home

“Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley has had the pleasure of working with SIS staff and clients on numerous occasions. SIS staff goes out of their way by personally dedicating their time and energy to the wellbeing of each of their clients. The clients have visited our Habitat Design Center to hand-pick new home furnishings at a fraction of retail prices. It is a joy to witness the interactions between clients and SIS staff. Our partnership is cherished.”

Tisha Hubbard, Director of Restores Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley

“The Shore Sanctuary has enjoyed partnering with Step into Success clients for pet therapy sessions on our ranch. While our facility focuses on rehabilitating special needs animals, we always welcome all living beings to relax with us. It’s a pleasure to have SiS and their team whenever they’re visiting.”

Ashley Shore, Owner/Operator of The Shore Sanctuary
Ashley and the animals at The Shore Sanctuary
Kimberlee Jean and her service dog Joey had something nice to say about their experience with us too!